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>> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> that does it for me. thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. >>> good evening, everybody. i'm poppy harlow in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed on the news of the day. two americans kidnapped overseas. now the people who grabbed them are making demands. here's where it happened in egypt's sinai peninsula. a pastor from massachusetts, a woman traveling with his group and their egyptian tour guide were abducted. they were stopped in northern sinai. we're live from the family's home near boston in a moment. also, secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with egypt's newly elected president and pledging u.s. support for the return of civilian leadership there. muhammad morsi won that seat two weeks ago, but there's still no cabinet or parliament. >>> two weeks before the start of the olympics, the company providing security guards said it's failed to recruit enough staff and could lose as much as $77 million for not covering the contract. the government has to deplo
and their egyptian tour guide. the kidnappers have made some demands. i want to go straight to liam martin, with cnn affiliate wcvd. he joins us live in massachusetts. liam, you've had the opportunity to talk to the family, get a sense of whether they're hopeful. what can you tell us about what they've learned about the pastor's situation? >> reporter: poppy, all they know right now is that he is okay. the egyptian who kidnapped them has said they're going to be okay. he's been feeding them dinners and taking care of them. he essentially wants to exchange them for his uncle who is in prison in egypt right now. we're at the home of the pastor in boston. several of his family members have been here all day. they say to find strength in one another. he's been a pastor of two pentecostal churches here in the boston area for 34 years. tonight, this community is turning its prayers toward him. >> we don't have any more information other than what we hear in the news and what you guys are hearing. we're all in good spirits, because we know that the god we serve is in control of the matter. the only concern
enforcement official briefed on the investigation tells cnn police and the fbi have discovered a package in the university of colorado mail room that appears to have been mailed by the suspected shooter, james holmes. cnn's ed lavandera is in aurora for us. ed, what do we know about this package? >> reporter: well, we're still trying to gather information on what exactly is inside that package, wolf. but as you mentioned that law enforcement official telling cnn that on monday police and fbi discovered a package that was apparent apparently sent by james holmes, the 24-year-old suspected gunman. now it's unclear obviously if this package was indeed sent by him, it was clearly sent before he was taken into custody. it arrived at some point on monday at the university mail room. we've also been told by hospital officials over the last couple of days this is something we've been monitoring for some time that there were two packages that were suspicious and were being looked into, one found in the mail room and also one that was actually delivered to a university professor. so we've been try
from her home at gunpoint. cnn's lisa sylvester's working the story for us. what happened here, lisa? >> hi there, wolf. what we know is this all started about 7:00, 8:00 yesterday morning when a man apparently approached and went to violet ripken's house and abducted her at gunpoint. he then according to authorities spent most of the day driving around in her car throughout central maryland. and it was only until around 8:30 last night when there was a citizen in the neighboring county, in baltimore county, who saw a suspicious vehicle. he called it in to county authorities. and at that point it was that tip that eventually led to violet ripken being found this morning unharmed back near her house in aberdeen. she was however bound. authorities at this point are not clear what the motive is in all of this. they do say though that her credit cards have been used, but there was no apparent ransom that was discussed. a ransom never came up at all. we have more information now from the police chief here at aberdeen. >> he was driving her vehicle, which was a silver lincoln continental.
the former assiitant football coach. and a warning...ssme of the informaaion may be disturbi. disturbing. cnn has been given details f four purported email exchanges ffom sources with knooledge of the case. raising new questionn about what penn state knew and when they knew pt. the e-mails are between penn state ppesident graham ppanier, vice presiient gary schultz, and athletic director tim curley discussing the now infamous 2001 shower incident whhre grad assistant mmke sexxally assaulting a young y - boy. the first email is dated his boos coach joe paterno to - about what he's seen in the shower. paterno tstified quote- "it was a sexual nature." by now, mcqueary testified he's told athletic director curley and vp schultz about exactly what he saw-- aa boy with his hands up against a waal with sandusky behind him. the purpprted e-mails don't mention sandusky y namee instead calling hhi "the subject" and person." in the first purported exchangee a ttree-part plan to qqote: "talk with the ubject ... contact the... charrtable organization (second mile) and contacting the ddpartment of w
companies were fixing the prices opt fees. cnn was told earlier today that the organization isn't supporting the settlement, even though the credit card companies are suspending the fees for eight months. >> well, you have to read the fine print when you deal with credit card companies and that's true here too. when you read the fine print it is eye-opening. they are not going to reduce the fees even for the eight months. what they are going to do is give merchants the equivalent of that amount of cash and keep raising the fees. the cruel joke is, by the time any merchant gets some of this money, they will have raised the fees on the merchants more than what they paid out in the first place. so merchants are paying for it themselves. >> the settlement is still subject to court approval. the family of a massachusetts man kidnapped in egypt is making an urgent plea for his release. the tribe captured pastor michelle louis along with an american woman and their egyptian tour guide yesterday. the three were taken off a tour bus in the country sinai region. kidnappers are demanding egypt release
're in the cnn newsroom, i'm fredricka whitfield. an you a tist ek man is recovering after wandering for more than three weeks in utah's desert. rescuers found the 28-year-old man yesterday starving and dehydrated but alive. he says he survived on frogs, roots, and river water. cnn's nick valencia is here with more on this journey. how did it begin? how did they find him? so many questions. >> it is shocking would he survive something like this. 28-year-old autistic man, lost in the wilderness for three weeks. we know what happened to william la fever. about june 6, june 7, he called his father from boulder, utah. originally from can colorado springs. somehow without a vehicle he gets to boulder, utah. he called his father and said he was robbed of his camping ger and needs money to get to page, arizona to get to his sister. he dezads it take this 15-mile long river hike and he gets lost. by himself. he was with his dog. his dog, trustee companion, took off on him. and he was by himself when the department of highway patrol and highway patrol from utah found him. >> how did they find him? >>
opposition wants kofi annan removed saying he has failed to broker a peace plan. a u.s. official tells cnn syria is believed to be moving some of its chemical weapons. why? it is unclear, the answer that is, but the question is causing significant concerns here in the u.s. and abroad. here is barbara starr. >> a new worry about how far al-assad will go to keep his grip on power. the u.s. now believes the syrian regime has moved some of its chemical weapons in recent days. as the fighting continues, u.s. officials will only say the weapons are still under the control of assad forces but a former cia director says make no mistake, the u.s. is urgently trying to gather all the intelligence it can. >> i would see that ratcheting up. you just want to know, look, at the end of the day if something untoward is happening, you want to have as much time as possible to assess what it is and be able to develop a response. >> the pentagon won't comment on the story first reported by the wall street journal but said any use of chemical weapons by syria would be a red line for the international community
intervention. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> now video from northeast india has has gone viral. i must warn you the images you're about to see are disturbing. a young girl attacked and molested by a group of men outside a par. police have arrested four of the 14 suspects. they are charged with molestation, unlawful restraint, vulgar behavior and causing harm. official records show there has been an increase in crimes against women in particular in india. now to northern afghanistan where at least 17 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a wedding. 40 others injured. it seems the target of the attack was a prominent member of the afghan parliament. he was killed as he welcomed guests to his daughter's wedding. no one has claimed responsibility so far. the taliban is suspected. >>> back here at home turning to politics, president obama's campaign has released a new ad today featuring mitt romney singing america the beautiful. obama's campaign charges in the ad that romney either shipped jobs, outsourced, or forward portions of his portfolio to other countries and it comes as the
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of health. you go on you'll see or story and it lists many of the hospitals involved. >> thank you. >>> a city is very much so on edge. the violence out of hand all over shootings by police. we're live if anaheim, next. >>> cal ripken's mother abducted by gun point. we're learning more about this incident for her. [ male announcer ] if you have to take care of legal matters. legalzoom has an easy and affordable option. you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. [siri] sirianother busy day are you serious? [siri] yes i'm not allowed to be frivolous. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick? [siri] here's rick. oh, no that's not rick. now, how's the traffic headed downtown? [siri] here's the traffic. ah, it's terrible, terrible! driver, driver! cut across, cut across, we'll never make it downtown this way. i like you siri, yo
afford to pay more. and this is an idea that historically, including in cnn orc polls has polled well on how wealthier americans pay more money. but it also has trouble getting through congress. president obama backed the same idea in 2010. he tried but ultimately ended up signing a two-year extension for all across the board tax cuts from the bush era tax cuts. and wolf, i will say republicans now seizing on this. white house speaker john boehner saying this is just president obama trying to distract from the poor job numbers that we saw out on friday. >> what would happen -- i know you've been checking with your sources over there, brianna, if the house of representatives, which has a lopsided republican majority and the senate, which has a narrow democratic majority, but they're half a dozen democrats who may vote with republicans on this one. let's say they pass legislation to extend the bush tax cuts for another year for everyone. middle class as well as wealthy, would the president of the united states veto that legislation? >> white house press secretary jay carney said today h
joke of her on facebook saw cnn and called her to apologize. she happy. thank you for watching and my good friend, don lemon, back here next weekend. >>> kidnapped, the attempt to recovery two americans kidnapped in egypt. >>> and gone without a trace, two girls last seen riding their bikes near a lake. >>> tires punctures after someone threw tacks on the road. >>> good morning and welcome to "early saturdtart." >> you know, you come back from vacation, you have a new anchor. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm zoraida sambo will i n. up first, authorities in egypt trying to negotiate the release of two kidnapped victims. one of the victims is diabetic. and his family is not here he has his medication with him. mohammed sami joins us on the phone in sinai, egypt, right now. where do the negotiations stand right now with the kidnapper? >> they are trying to negotiate with the hostages. the kidnapper insists that his uncle be released from prison and he's saying his uncle is not guilty. but the authorities are keen on making sure that they do not switch their arms. so this is a comp
to our blog, there is a fly right around here. >> everyone join in on the party, new any, new anchor, everything. >>> he is the most closely watched man on wall street. everyone wants to hear what fed chairman ben bernanke will say about stimulus, about our economy, christine romans covering it all. he's taking a look ahead, coming up. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge! in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. this is new york st
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were president, he would transition to afghan security forces by 2014. dana bash, cnn, reno, nevada." public opinion polls show more public support for obama on foreign policy. romney's leaves later this week for his trip to visit key u-s allies england, israel and poland. a georgia man spends the weekend in the hospital..after letting his friends... set him on fire! fire!the injuries he was treated for...and if charges will be filed. your home value rising?the cities that are bouncing back from the housing slump... next. ((break 3)) 3 home 3 home values are rising for the first time in five years. alison kosik tells us... if the worst is over. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- home values took a serious hit during the recession, but the worst may be over. home prices grew point-2-percent in the second quarter, compared to the same time last year. it may be a small increase, but this is the first positive move in five years. zillow, the real estate website that crunched the numbers says home prices seem to have hit bottom. that isn't a bad thing. the market needs to hit
cardboard joe up here and give people a chance to still see joe. -----end----- cnn.script----- pennnstate university will learn the fate of its football program this morning.... a day after school officials decided the fate of the famous statue of joe paterno. paterno. joel d. smith is live in fell's point with reaction to the statue coming down, and what's to come for the school, and it's many supporters in maryland. good morning joel d. paarice, penn state has the largest alumni association in the country... about half a million. they are reacting to the statue being taken down early yesterday morning, and they are very worried about thh sanctions that will be announced in just a few hours. the future of the football program, and its ability to compete for years to come, is very much in jeapardy. jeapardy. with the proximity to pennsylvania, no doubt many of fans are right here in maryland. we went out to talk with some of them yesterday... at a few penn state friendly bars in federal hill. they had just learned about the 7 foot, 900 pound statue of joe pat
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of time 2 ."] [cnn video na-83fr, na-81fr, po-147th, po82-th, re73th, po53tm][please slug wbffóobamaótimeóeconomy]] [ntsnd obama walking off helicopter cnn p053-th] ntnsd=;02president obama, like so many presidents, is seemingly always on the go. here he is is at andrews air force base on thursday boarding an airplane for a two day campaign swing through florida. according to peter schweizer's (shh white-zer ) analysis -- that means the president will spend more time in the air this week than he'll devote to restoring the economy.[sot in peter skype interview ]sot "in 22:30:53 "there are certain periods when literally he will go more than a week without having a briefing or meeting on the economy." trt=:08schweizer's think tann, the government accountability institute, reviewed all of the one thousand 257 days obama has been in office and found that in any given week... [take graphic "obamatime"]in a typical week, the president spends 138 minutes attending strategic meetings to discuss the economy. this year, that adds up to 24 hours -- that's the total -- one d
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will survive that. what i am trying the do. >> well, suzanne and team cnn, and i could not run to the mailbox and i don't know how they do this. they were among 60,000 runners out there today, and the team's time a speedy 70 minutes is all it took to cross the finish line and would be more like seven days for me. you can hear her laughing in the background. that will do it for me, and fredricka whitfield is up next fredricka whitfield is up next hour. -- captions by vitac -- >> of course he could do it, michael. welcome to "newsroom" i'm fredricka whitfield. we will focus on the economy and issues at home. barack obama is spending the day with the country's newest citizens where the president took part in a naturalization ceremony for members of the military, and homeland secretary janet napolitano swore them in, and tonight there will be a celebration on the north lawn at the white house. >>> and no power. that is the extremely uncomfortable position that people find themselves in after weekend storms knocked out power from il toile the nation's capital, and the most outages fi
west virginia. 5,000 homes are without air conditioning in the middle of a brutal heat wave. cnn's brian todd is there. >> fredricka, temperatures are spiking here in west virginia where it is to get up to 95, and well on the way to that right now. power is out for roughly one quarter to a third of the customers in west virginia, but some people in the more rural areas won't get it until the weekend and a key reason for that is right behind me, and this scene played out all throughout west virginia and downed trees are a huge problem for the power crews. this one came down and this oak tree snapped in half and came down on a power line here, and you can see the line it tripped here, and this line right here that it is still sitting on and the power officials told us that because this particular line has not hit the ground yet, it may be energized and that a real hazard for us and the power crews who come upon the scene here, and this tree, when it came down pretty much snapped this cable clean off and it disabled the power pole up there, and of course, that has a domino effect fo
. this is according to e-mail, cnn hag going through between former university president, graham spanier and gary schultz and tim curley, after graduate assistant mike mcqueary reported the incident to them, spanier decided to not tell authorities and instead told curley, the onlydownside for us is if the message isn't heard and acted upon and we become vulnerable for not having reported it. but that can be assessed down the road. curley and schultz face perjury and also accused of failing to properly reporting suspected child abuse. >>> the only abortion clinic still operating in mississippi can stay open for now. a new law in the state took effect yesterday requiring a abortion providers to be certified ob-gyn practitioners with privileges at local hospitals. a federal judge issued a restraining order that keeps the clinic's doors openal least until a hearing on july 11th. >>> that graduate student from georgia who lost her hands, left leg and her right foot to flesh eating bacteria is leaving the hospital today and she is headed to a rehab center. amy copeland's father says his daughter will g
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and i'll clarify my statement. >> alderman, we at cnn have not substantiated any of the claims about the company actually in its hiring or serving practices putting this into -- you know, using anything discriminatory. we'll look at that. and you're saying if, if. so let's play the if game, then. if chick-fil-a is not doing anything discriminatory in its firing or in its serving, then you're not going to let the opinion of the president stop you from creating jobs in your district? >> again, eight or nine months i have been working on this without any public exposure from me or from the lgbt group or from chick-fil-a. we have been working on this, and this is their words, not mine, they will no longer donate dollars to any organization left, right, or center that has a political agenda. that was one thing we were working on. >> will you demand that from all companies that do business? a lot of companies donate. if you're going to make everybody be apolitical and have no stand -- >> that was not a demand. let's be very clear. you're putting words in my mouth. i did not demand that of
crews, get our journalists inside syria. it's been frustrating for us here at cnn and the assad government has put the country under lock and key. with all of that in mind, ivan watson has entered northern syria. we'll speak with him live in a moment. talk to me about the gnificance of fighting in aleppo. >> it's the economic hub. it's the most populous city. aleppo has been a treating center. there you have a google map of aleppo. here i recognize right away is essentially the most famous land mark, the 13th century citadel. >> this is the creation. >> a very old city. by some accounts the oldest inhabited city in the world. >> we highlighted some of the areas in aleppo where the revolts have been breaking out. highlighting other areas in different neighborhoods where people have revolted. so far it's calm. i say that loosely because the government has come. >> some of the old neighborhoods very close to the center where you had free syrian army rebellions if full swing. e government knows how important it is to maintain a hold of damascus and aleppo. so far retaking control of
.i'm alisonnkosik in new yorr. -----end-----cnn.script----- coming up... the boss... cut off. nats nats why one of bruceessringsteen's shows was cut short this weekee. peekenddfire tears through a randallstown aparttent complex. the damage done and the residents left homeless. homeeess. the baltimooe grand prix the questions facing organizers one month before 3 3 3 3 3 3
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.thieves are making big bucks stealing recyclable material like cardboard and oil from sidewalks and back alleys.cnn's susan candiotti shows us why it's so lucrative. --reporter pkg-as ffllows -- it's 3 a-m, and a man emergee from a proffssional-looking truck behind the red restturann in damascus, unlocking some padlocks, hee snaps them off. what's he somebodd to just come up and do that ssrt of thing. i don't know why anybody would want to (laughs).this alleegd thief messed with ttem before--the restaurant's surveillance camera caughttthe action.the worst thing is they even cut the cooking oii ripoff came on. into a little drawer and we - same with the chicken frrer and the arbecue.that goop is bio diesel fuel for powering cars and trucks.they cut us a check of a hundred fiftyy dollars every time we fill it up.a great deal for honess businesses, but thieves also are cashing in...ripping off theewaste oil and selling t on the black market for 500 dollars a pick-up. the natioo-wide's t's a pretty much 100-percent profit they sell's a similar situation for cardboard.we &plose app
cnn is accessing disturbing e-mails that could lead to new charges. >>> it could be constitutional as we have learned but republicans vowing to repeal, repeal that health care law. >> this has to be ripped out by its roots. >> the stakes growing bigger for the november elections. a jam packed show, legendary journalist dan rather, tom price, marsha blackburn and baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake. it is monday, july 2nd, "starting point" begins right now. here we go on this holiday week, good morning to you. our "starting point" this morning, millions of americans from the midwest to the northeast struggling to survive another day of dangerous and potentially deadly heat here. 16 people have already died since thursday when triple digit temperatures unleashed the deadly storms leaving millions without power. you see all of these states in yellow? these are the states suffering in ohio, 425,000 customers without power as of 10:00 last night. same story in virginia, same story in maryland, where hundreds of thousands of people are waiting, waiting for that electricity to flip
was extended via a statement to c-n-n. murray says since she's the mother of quote - "a very dear departed friend"... he wants to put her at peace... and is offering to answer any questions she may have.a representative for jackson says it's doubtful she will accept the offer. a police officer gets caught picking up prostitutes on the j. job.the melbourne florida police officer's own dash cam records the officer stopping at an intersection... and picking up this woman... identified by police as a prostitute.and this wasn't his first time... the officer picked up several prostitutes on the job.investigators followed him over time... and even caught the officer getting out of his car with no shirt on... along with a woman. the officer was fired... and will be prosecuted for seven misdemeanors. here's something much cuter caught on camera... it's a pair of fish kissing at the santa monica aquarium. aquarium.aquarium workers say they don't know why the fish were smooching... but say they do tend to spawn in the summer. several children squealed in several children 3 squealed in de
-in to protest chick-fil-a. mary snow, cnn, new york. the founder of amazon is also taking a very public position. c-e-o jeff bezos is donating two-and a half-million-dollars to washington united for marriage-- the coalition thats working to uphold that states same-sex marriage law. it's believed to be the largest individual gift to those fighting for same sex marriage. the date was set.....invitations were printed and mailed.....but the day before wedding bells were to ring for a mississippi couple......the church turned them away.....and they was all because of race.... charles and teandrea wilson..... were trying to get married at the predominantly white first baptist church of crystal springs..... a church they attended regularly but are not members of ...... the pastor of the church says he was taken by surprise by what he calls a small minority against the black marriage at the church....//take sot// 3 "this had never been done here before so it was setting a new precedent and there wre those who reacted to that because of . that...i blame the first baptist church of crystal
now. >> cnn is now upgrading the description of the shooter when he walked into the theater, this through twitter, two minutes ago, cnn saying, in addition to the bullet-proof vest and goggles, face covering, he was also wearing a riot helmet when he walked in and opened fire on this. some eyewitness accounts coming to us through twitter this morning. one person in the theater said we were watching at a point where a shootout broke out in the movie about 15 minutes in, and that's why the confusion was there as to the dpushts they heard inside. the pops, the cracks, they all thought it was part of the movie. >> we do know children were in the movie theater, however, we don't have it confirmed that any of them have been victims of this shooting. we have heard some were, however, that is not confirmed. we're not telling you that as information that you should take with you, just something that a lot of people are putting out there. but we're giving you confirmed information as it becomes available to us. >> to that confirmation, a lot of things have been going on this morning.
can see the entire interview tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >>> so let's stay in london. nine athletes including a former olympic bronze medalist are banned from competition after testing positive for doping offenses. the international association of athletics federation confirmed six of the athletes were caught using a sophisticated new methed off domethod of doping called t biological passport method. they're from morocco, turkey, greece, bulgaria and russia and ukraine. seven admitted their offenses and the four year bans were immediately cut in half. its no the clear if any of the athletes were competing in the 2012 olympics, however. >>> and right now the olympic torch is scheduled to arrive at millennium bridge as it works its way to the site of tomorrow's opening ceremonies. excited about this. >> absolutely. >> later today the olympic flame will get a royal welcome at buckingham palace. princes william and harry and the duchess of cambridge plab ton ahead. >> along can jim accoosta. >>> the mother of baseball legend cal ripken jr. resting comfortably this morning
told cnn, on doctor's orders, katherine's kids flew her to arizona more than a week ago to rest and escape the pressure of an erupting legal battle. but katherine's grandchildren seemed unaware of the plan.on july 23rd, paris - who hadn't spoken to her grandmother in days - tweeted: "something is really off, this isn't like her at all... i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!"the 14 year old tweeted the following day, "9 days and counting... so help me god i will make whoever did this pay." katherine jackson's attorney confirmed to cnn that she did finally speak with her tuesday night.on wednesday - tj jackson - the 34-year-old cousin of michael's children - was appointed their temporary guardian in katherine's absence. he also sounded off on twitter writing to paris quote:"i know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. we will keep trying. i love you."this security video from katherine jackson's california home from monday showed janet and randy jackson seemingly in a confrontation with their niece. the public battle is raising questions over wh
." but for the good ones, there's no measure for the love they give. lisa sylvester, cnn, washington. -----end----- cnn.script----- 3 cnn.script----- -----end----- cnn.script----- coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. distracted walking is getting the attention of the government.the injuries people are getting from texting while walking...that could have lawmakers considering legislation. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all they've terrorized the philippines for over 30 years... "if you don't pay the ransom, the abu sayyaf will kill you. if you don't pay taxes, they kill bombings, assassinations, kidnappings... wendy, "did they threaten your life?" mayor, "one of the bombs exploded just beside my house." but in the midst of chaos, the tide is turning... "terrorism, counter-terrorism, anti-terrorism is everybody's concern. 3 a major recall... from a japanese auto maker.the two models affected... what's wrong with them... and what to do if your car is one of them. a woman caught on camera.. falling into a fountain while texting. how the government is using this video.. to c
. >>> the family of the late joe paterno want e-mails and records released. this comes after cnn reported officials had a plan to report sandusky in 2001 but abandoned it after discussing it with paterno. a lawyer for the paterno family says the leaking of selective e-mails was done to smear the former coach. the report is due next month. >>> after a two-month battle with a rare flesh-eating bacteria, a georgia grad student is leaving the hospital. she had to have her leg and remaining foot amputated along with parts of both hands. the infection entered her body after she cut her leg in a zip line accident. >>> good news for coffee lovers. the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of developing the most common type of skin cancer. >> reporter: she can't start her day without coffee, lots of it. >> one or two at home in the morning. and then on my way to work. >> reporter: lorrie perks up with more. increasetion the amount of coffee you drink could lower your chances of the most common form of skin cancer. they looked at 113,000 men and women over 20 years. the more caffeinated coffee people dr
to enthusiasm. 59% said they're extremely enthusiastic. for republicans it's 51%. the cnn/orc went to 15 key battleground states and all of a sudden the story changes. mitt romney has the edge when youd a in those key states. in the end this really comes down to a few swing states. >> thank you so much. >>> coming up tonight at 6:00, there are still downed trees, power lines. we will take a look at what you should and should not do. we want you to stay safe. >> plus a new scam is trying to trick one. this one really seems legit. those stories and more coming up at six. now here's a preview of what's ahead on world knolls at 6:30. >> that extreme heat and also that high profile split. what now about the coach of scientology, all coming up. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] one day it will hit you. by replacing one sugared beverage a day with a bottle of nestle pure life water, you can cut 50,000 calories a year from his diet. choose the crisp, clean taste of america's #1 bottled water. nestle pure life. join the hydration movement. a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going t
. >> reporter: average starting salary 35,000 and you can work up to 50 grand in a few years. cnn lists a number of 50,000- dollar job that don't need a degree. in addition to heating, air conditioning and diesel maintenance it includes dental hygeine, nursing, radiation therapy, police, firefighting and emt work, truck driving, elevator repair, auto body repair and air traffic controller. these two are studying to be emta. >> lot cheaper than going to a four year college. >> reporter: thrilled to be able to help others and not have huge college debt. most good paying jobs require a degree or several years of training. you can't just graduate high school and land a job as a plumber or air traffic controller but if you are willing to take the training you could have a good future ahead of you u you don't wastey money. >> maybe not a degree but some extra schooling. five-years ago he was a rookie with the ravens and now is a rookie again i guess. >> rookie dad. he talks about taking snaps at father hood. >> weather wise, the strong storms out there tonight but the beginning to push out into th
moos, cnn. >> go elmo. >> reporter: new york. >>> michael phelps was a maryland state and national sensation when he won 8 gold medals four years ago. remember that? he is going for the gold in london but says he's going to pair back on the number of events he will compete in. what that means. we will look at it straight ahead. and millions will be taking a summer road trip. but if you -- before you pack the car and kids we have advice things to take advantage of. and as we go to break, here's a live picture of london. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. >>> are awatching the station that w-- your watching the station that works for you oid goorng maryland. >> he served his country fighting in of a gap stan. the maryland marine will be laid to rest today. >>> top federal officials wi
of a financial dispute oversubscribinger fees. direct tv pulled the plug on all viacom channels including cnn, and commodity central dropping them is a gamble for them. they risk losing customers. similar dispute between dish and amc happened earlier this month and still hasn't been worked out. >>> we are working for you tonight. if you are looking to get more bang for your buck when it comes to registering for your baby or buying gift for a shower. zip the teddy bear. also pass on the fancy tiny outfits they will out grow in a month. >> you really don't need fancy bells and whistles. you think you do and you quickly pare them down. >> allison editor of said expecting parents should is start with a top notch car seat, a good diaper bag, a hand free light wait baby carrier and also planning for later like -- some of the big ticket item its like cribs or strollers. >>> if your wallet is bursting at the seams are you probably carrying a lot of unnecessary items and some of them could be dangerous. a new report on the things you should never carry in your purse or wallet. they warn aga
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